Art Bras for Breast Cancer – BRAvo Art Auction

I had an exciting Saturday night at the BRAvo Art Auction in our local town of Marysville, CA. Here are some photos…

They had Chocolate Boobies from The Candy Box… their Turtles are to DIE for!

The Book “Rack”
L. Grace Lauer
In memory of Nita Rowe.

Inspiration: Scouring the internet I found something remarkable
about how people relate to books helping them heal. Not medical text
books or even the great power of praying and meditating on the Bible,
but somehow a good novel made all the difference to them as they went
through the process of chemo or other medical procedures. A
distraction from reality? Perhaps, or maybe they relate to the story
and struggles of the hero receiving inspiration to move forward, one
more day at a time.
Literary healing programs have sprung up through
out this country at hospitals wards for all ages, from Children to the
elderly. There is no doubt that books can ease people through the pain,
the time and the struggles of any medical issues, physical restraints
or emotional war zones.

This bra “The Book Rack” is dedicated
to my husband’s grandmother who in her eighties was diagnosed with
breast cancer. She tried chemo and at her age decided it was best not
to continue and live out the last few years of her life with the cancer.
Not defeated though she researched dietary options to make her last
few years, weeks and moments enjoyable. A courageous decision. In the
end cancer was not the reason she left this world behind, in her own way
she defeated this disease, leaving a legacy of courage, strength and
love within the hearts of her family. I was honored to have met such a
fine lady.


Certified Helmar Educator

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