Brought to you by the letter “C”

This was my FB post today…

“This weekend is brought to you by the letter “C”

Cars Cake complete – (check)

Cupcakes complete – (check)

Clean myself up – (check)

Coach Cheer game – (Check)

Catnap – (check)though it turned into more of a Coma state for several hrs.

Clean House – (need to do)

Collect Drinks for tomorrow – (need to do)

prepare for my CROP – (need to do)”

I am exhausted from this weekend already, yet excited about finally hosting another crop at my house.

This week I have been on the go since Tuesday. Yet, I agreed to bake a cake for Tristan’s teacher’s son. He is turning two and today was his birthday party. They requested chocolate cake, and vanilla cupcakes both with butter-cream icing. Their party theme was Cars and they gave me free reign on the design… I was so excited to create this cake. I love a good challenge. Here are some pics of the cake and cupcakes.

She said she loved the cupcakes I made for her birthday and brought to class for her. It makes me so happy when people appreciate my craftiness and request it again. Here are a few of pictures of her birthday cupcakes…

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