I am here but I am working on an online crop!

This weekend is pretty full for me. Friday I started an online crop that would included Fri- Sun. However I have a very special day on Saturday. My Hubby and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary. Yup that is right seven rough, hard and challenging years, but we made it this far and are still in love. We have had many many wonderful times together also… hehe, my scrapbook pages are full of those moments. You will see more of those in the next week as I get some of my layouts, I have been working on with this crop, posted. “For better or for worse right”… hehe. I do still love him so much and the life we have created together. Some say that if you can make it past year seven years you can spend the rest of your life together. Well if that is true we are in the final stretch and having fun playing the game. Here are some pics of the kids and us on our little outing and dinner celebration.
We drove down to San Francisco and went to town. We headed into this old vintage coin arcade called Musee Mecanique and had a blast looking at the wonderful, antiques that were still working and interactive. There are some pics in the slide show of that and there also are some of our dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. We had such a blast and they even sang to us… “Happy happy anniversary from all of us to you…” Oh I am sooooo glad I don’t work there…. “VOOOOOOLLLLLLCCCCCCAAAAANNNNNNOOOOOO”! If you have been there you know what I am talking about. Hats off to those who do! Money has to be good…lol.

So here they are … the future scrapbooking subjects and photos.

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