The Scrap Corner…

Ok so a while a go… in February I joined a challenge to create an organized scrap room. I only had one wall and a corner to utilize in our Master bedroom. Since then, as most of us do, I have acquired more then the little corner can handle. So Yesterday before my hubby left he informed me he would like it if he came home and his room was his again. So… off to move the scrap corner.

I have decided to take our small sectional couch (more like a love seat) and put it back into our room for a reading corner. This will free up an area in our computer/gaming room for the scrap stuff. Well, I just finished getting all the furniture out here and I have to say I am pretty proud of my rearranging. 😉 Though it is kind of cramped in this room now at least I have the computer at my fingertips while I scrap…hehe. I can watch the kids play outside through the windows from in here and I can hang out with the Hubby at night while he gets his game on. Wooo Hoo that means more scrap time for me!!!

I have to keep it picked up more now though due to the fact that it is a public room. So when guests come over they get to see all my scrappy goodness and I don’t want them to see how my “creative mind” works… best in a mess…LOL!

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