ATTENTION: All Beginner Furniture Refinishers!

Create beautiful, quality and unique finishes, refinishing your furniture, every time!

I know you have one, that piece of furniture in your home or garage that you have acquired. You had great intentions of refinishing it and making it beautiful for your home. Why haven’t you done it yet?

I have taught many people, in-person, how to begin this process. Now, just for you, I have created this  ULTIMATE downloadable guide for furniture refinishing! It is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. You will be able to create beautiful QUALITY finishes! Fast-Track your learning curve with this eBook!

Got Junk Furniture You Need to Refinish?

You can do this... I got you!

If you spend your free time stalking PINTEREST for HOME INSPIRATION images,

If you enjoy shopping at HOBBY LOBBY, KIRKLAND’s or HOME GOODS for décor,

If you have FURNITURE sitting in your home or garage that needs to be REFINISHED to fit your home décor style,

If you simply don’t know where to start.,

You have discovered the PERFECT eBook for you. Here is why… 

Worried about visible brush strokes or dripping paint?

This eBook will show you how to avoid common beginner mistakes.  It is chalk full of Pro-Tips and techniques to teach you how to achieve that smooth stunning quality finish you desire. 

What brushes should you buy?

This is a very popular question! In this eBook “A Proven Tutorial to Quality Furniture Refinishing” I take time to go over what types of brushes do what and you will be armed with the knowledge of what to spend your hard earned money on.

Will you ruin the value of your piece when you paint it?

Generally, the answer is no. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like high-value antiques and some Mid-Century Modern pieces, but for most furniture pieces you will not decrease the value.

If you are refurbishing this piece for your own home, ask yourself… “Will I value it more if I DO paint it?” The answer is usually yes, especially because you have landed on this page today!

Are you disappointed in a painted piece you have done before?

This eBook was made for you! It is the ultimate guide to refinishing furniture like a Pro!  I have been refinishing furniture since 2015 and I have poured all my experience on how to create a quality finish into this eBook. We will go over all the basics that will become your foundation for embellishing techniques you can learn as your skills improve!

Do you want to earn money flipping furniture?

I know there is a tiny part of you that is curious about how to flip furniture for profit. Who wouldn’t want to make some extra cash doing something fun?!

Let me tell you about my first flip.  I sold my first night stand for $60. The piece was free to me, I only spent about $10 on supplies and used an old paint brush from the garage. That doesn’t sound like much and I made some mistakes, but this one example could easily make you a profit and pay for this eBook!

I wish I had this resource then, because it would have saved me a lot of time and effort fixing mistakes!  I am offering my expertise to you to fast track your learning!  Let me share with you the keys to improve your quality and efficiency to make you money!  

Today, when I flip furniture I can make over $1000 profit in a single sale. In the BONUS section of this eBook we cover how you can do this too, remember…I got you!

Should you refinish furniture with me?

Meet Grace.

Hello, I am Grace of Uniquely Grace Designs.

I began just like you, a newbie in the furniture refurbishing world, struggling to learn all the pro-tips on how to create quality finishes for my furniture make-overs. 

Since 2015, through trial, error, and research, I have acquired the knowledge and expertise to help you skip past beginner obstacles to create true art.  I combine my experience from my interior design education and my mixed media art techniques into unique one of a kind, artistic furniture pieces.

I am on a mission to help you learn all the tips and tricks to getting a great result and skip all that trial and error that I had to go through! Let’s fast track your success so you can create amazing pieces you are proud of!

Creating a beautiful space is so rewarding.  It will start with one piece of furniture and expand into your entire room and then your home, so watch out… this is a dangerously addictive hobby.

Remember, You Got This…and I Got You!

Get it out of your garage and into your home!

What’s inside this beautifully Illustrated eBook:

  • What tools and products to choose

  • How to Select Your First Piece to Refinish

  • How to do the Prep-work and Repair Minor Issues

  • The Magical Cleaning Mix Recipe

  • How to Restore Your Hardware

  • Proven Pro-Techniques and Detailed Directions for Painting and Sealing

  • BONUS #1 – How to profit $1000 in three days refinishing furniture

  • BONUS #2 – Any purchase from me includes a Unique Facebook Community page just for my customers and I to have a place to connect for questions and support.

This eBook contains 28 Pages with Bonuses meant to inspire, inform and motivate you and will be the most complete guide you will ever need to begin your refinishing journey! This eBook is no joke when I say that it is the ULTIMATE Beginner Guide! All this is presented beautifully in 8 informative sections: 

  1.  Tools and Supplies
  2. Buying and Selecting (your piece)
  3. Repairs & Prep Work
  4. Cleaning Your Piece
  5. Painting
  6. Sealing
  7. Curing
  8. BONUS – Furniture Flipping

I learned so much that I ended up starting my own small business.

"Grace did a home painting party with my guests and I. We loved it! I learned so much that I ended up starting my own small business. The class taught the basics and other techniques and it was a lot of fun. Grace is very talented and a wonderful teacher."
Tiffanie Lee
Student turned Colleague

A Picture is worth 1000 words... some of my work

Can I afford to refinish my piece of Furniture?


What would be the cost of your piece if you had to go out and buy it new?

Would it be the same quality craftmanship as the older piece you have?

Let me tell you about this Jasper secretary cabinet I BOUGHT FOR $60, which was high for me at that time. This cabinet manufacturer was still in business and their  cabinets were selling for OVER $2,700 RETAIL! That is NOT something I could afford. 

What I could afford was the used cabinet and some paint supplies COSTING ME $90 TOTAL.  I fell in love with this piece and to this day, this secretary cabinet is a focal point of my entry way. I adore it and to me it’s PRICELESS!

What will you lose by not getting started?

A beautiful and comfortable home is even more important as more jobs become home based. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the average American spends 68.7% OF THEIR TIME AT HOME!

Why would you not want to make your home,  COMFORTABLE, welcoming, even romantic and styled to your own personality? What will you lose by not getting started? 

Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and IMAGINE your room. What impact would it have if your home was beautiful, every piece the way you want it? A bit of history, a vision of the future, a piece of you, SOMETHING YOU ARE PROUD OF sits in that room. It is a piece of furniture you successfully refinished in your FAVORITE COLOR OR STYLE.

You did it! YOU! Can you really put a price on that feeling of pride and success?!

Download it, Read it! Do the work, money-back Guarantee!

I am so confidant that if you follow this eBook step-by-step and use the product types I suggest, you will be successful refinishing your piece with a quality finish!

If something goes wrong, email me and let me know so we can fix it!

If I can not help you figure out what went wrong,  I will fully refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. 

Remember, You Got This…and I Got You!

BONUS #1: How to make $1,000 profit in three days

In this BONUS section I break down how I flipped this Facebook Marketplace find into over $1,000 profit. 

  • How to build relationships with your sellers.

  • Prep and Paint

  • Photos and Staging

  • Market Research

  • How much is your time worth?

  • Cost & Profit Breakdown

BONUS #2 - Expert on Demand!

Choosing to invest with me includes a Unique Facebook Community page just for my customers!

You will have a place to connect with me for questions and support as you breathe new life into your furniture project!

YOU got this… and I got YOU!

Get Instant Access so You can Start Today!

P.S. The time is now! You can do this! Take advantage of this offer, it’s BONUSES and begin your furniture refinishing journey today!