Ahhh I am on the news!

Well a web cast that is… and I will have an article in the paper in the morning about my art. I am so excited to share with you my minute of fame on our local webcast. This is from our local paper as we do not have a local news cast in our county. The Appeal Democrat came to interview me on Wed. Sept 19th after seeing my work at the local book store I sell my items at, Dinah’s on D St.

My minute of fame starts one minute into this clip. I am so excited to read the article.Click on the link to the Appeal Democrat below for the webcast.

Web cast: ADTV for September 20, 2012

Here is the image of our front page today… I am the photo in the upper
right…. ahhh… can’t wait till they get delivered to read the
article. I am so excited! 

Thanks for reading!

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