Challenge #9 Week #3 – FLOWERS

Challenge #9 Week #3 – FLOWERS

There are lots of ways to store flowers, colorful, beautiful flowers. This is the fun stuff, in my opinion. hehe…

SORTING: You can sort your flowers by size, or color, or MFG or types. Most people do it by color or MFG.

Before choosing a storage option think of how many you have… what sizes they range from and how you want to sort them. Please leave room for you to grow. 🙂 :heart:

Page protector pockets: (by MFG then collection)

Tool Drawers:,3,5

Displayed in Jars:

Over the door shoe storage:,3,5

Starbucks bottles:,3,5

Art Bin:,3,5,3,5

Ziploc and Boxes: (one of the most space saving options),3,5

Ziplocs could also be used to sort them… punch a hole in the corner of the baggie and loop them by color families or MFG with a ribbon or a ring and hang them up on the peg board.,3,5

Clear food containers:,3,5

Spice Rack (reused):,3,5

Only problem with spice racks is the size. If you want room to grow they will not allow you to add larger flowers.

Bead Containers:,3,5

These come in various sizes.

I hope everyone has fun sorting and storing these beautiful embellishments.

As always please share any thoughts. :heart:

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