Chipboard Organization Challenge #5

Saturday Challenge #5 Week #2 – Chipboard

Chipboard is one of those more difficult things for me to organize. I
have everything from letters and numbers to tons of other designs. Some
in natural chipboard and some colored and glittered. So what do you do
with pieces as small as 1/2″ all the way to 12″x12″?

Well let me see if I can help.

First we need to ask ourselves a couple of questions.

  • 1) Do you cover your own chipboard or purchase only the prefinished colored ones?
  • 2) Do you have graphic designs as well as alphas?
  • 3)Do you have so many you can sort them by themes?
SORTING: Lets begin by deciding how you want to sort the naked or finished chipboard…
I suggest separating your alphas and numbers from your graphics. Organize your alphas and numbers in order for easy access.
Sorting graphics…

Finished Chipboard Collectors –
If you only purchase
prefinished chipboard it might work for you to sort the graphics by
color, MFG or theme (remember what way works best for you with the rest
of your room).

Finished and Non Finished Collectors –
Here is where it can
get complicated. For me no matter what finish is on the chipboard I
search by shape. If it doesn’t match then I just refinish it. If you
don’t refinish the chipboard that is already prefinished then I would
suggest separating it from the naked chipboard. However for me I will be
separating by types of shapes, for example… I put all my swirly
chipboard together, all my flowers together. How you sort these graphics
will be determined by what you have.

Binders Page protectors:
Jars –
Tool organizer {A – Alpha Storage} By KellyCali
Canisters –
Cropper hopper in a basket in a cube – id=142029…
Cute galvanized tins, if you have the room… id=131387…
Now if you sort your chipboard into baggies you can make them like the
one above or You can file them in a drawer, on a clip-it-up, in a basket
or store them flat in a cropper hopper (separated by baggies). If you
do the decorative baggie solution then maybe make one or two extra empty
bags so you have them to match.
Link the
photos of your organization in the comments below. Please feel free to
ask any question or discuss any problem areas you may have on this
 The Key here is to LEAVE ROOM TO GROW!!!
PS. If you like what you see then follow me.

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