Dynamic Duo? Yup, I have a pair that are just amazing together. They are as different as oil and water but when it comes down to it they make things in this life more beautiful. Here is a layout to prove it.

I am so excited to tell you about my Dynamic Duo… no not my kids! My Ritzy Ditzy Glitz and my P K Glitter Glitz, of course! My kids we call “T & T Dynamite”… but that is for another post all together. Lets take a closer look…

Ok fine… I will chat for a second about my sweet darlings…

Trinity likes Pink, Tristan likes Blue
Trinity will eat almost anything, Tristan is a picky eater.
Trinity is a social butterfly, Tristan is happy all by himself most of the time.

See what I mean… Oil and Water. The “T & T” well that stand for their names… and the “Dynamite” well that is because when they are in room together for a while it looks like some dynamite exploded in there.

Alright enough chatting about my rugrats. I hope you like this LO and I wish you a Happy Scrappy day!

~ Grace ~

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