Happy and Honored to anounce…

Happy and honored to anounce that I have been selected for a second term with Helmar USA Design team.

Announcing the Helmar 2011-2012 Design Team!!!


We are pleased to announce our 2011-2012 Helmar Design Team!

  • Tracy Weinzapfel (Design Team Coordinator)
  • Erika Taylor
  • Jessica Diedrich
  • Jen Erickson
  • L. Grace Lauer
  • Connie Mercer
  • Carisa Czlobicki
  • Angie Blom
  • Karen Taylor
  • Martha Richardson
  • Cheryl Boglioli
  • Trudy Sjolander
  • Jennifer Evans
  • Carolyn King
  • Natasha Naranjo Aguirre
  • Lydell Quin
  • Beck Beattie
  • Michelle Wallace
  • Renee Aslette
  • Rae Cooper
  • Linda Baldock


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