Harry Potter Party, Ollivanders Wand Craft Tutorial – Harry Potter Post #2

Good morning everyone,

Our home is in full swing for our Harry. Potter Party! My Piano room is now a bank, candy store and wand shop, it’s a mini Diagon Alley! Speaking of
Ollivanders Wands… that is exactly what I want to share with you
The Birthday Boy’s Wand (details Painted designed by him but I did the hot glue, Safety First!)
The Alder Wand (in gold)
 My Daughters Wand – (she painted it like the kids will paint their own at the party)

I think any one of these wands would be perfect to conjure up a Patronus or a Stupefy spell. 

I researched several wands and how to create some great looking ones on Pinterest. I settled on two styles to choose from. One was so inexpensive. It took rolling a piece of paper really tight and filling it with hot glue, yup just a piece of printer paper. Though it was cheep, the second option is what I went with I found HERE. It was cheep too and only cost a few cents more per wand. I went with the option I will explain below because it saved me so much time not to have to make each wand base completely from scratch. I also felt these would be more sturdier then the previous base I explained. The only thing I didn’t like is that I could shape the ones previously mentioned before into how thin or thick I wanted. So here goes the tutorial.

Step 1 – Choose your dowel rods – I found this pack of 8 pre-cut at walmart for $0.97 a pack! Excellent… no cutting even!  If I cut them myself I could have gotten 9 for around the same price… but I am all about time. Not only am I getting ready for the biggest birthday party I have ever thrown but my sister’s wedding is also two weeks after the party. You better believe I have bunches of projects to do for it too.

 Step 2 – Using a hot glue gun (I prefer hi-temp for maximum sticking power on wood… but you must be careful! Use low-temp if you feel more comfortable) create designs for a handle and other parts of the wand. We created 32 (and 24 more later) and not a single one is alike!

Step 3 – Paint with normal acrylic craft paint – (we just pre-painted the base coats for the party. The kids will choose a wand and detail paint it and add gems if they wish.)

We have about 6-8  base colors to paint with. This gives the kids some choices.

I really love the antique golds but I am happiest with these… All the wands painted black have snake designs from the glue. Possible “Slytherin” wands I hope, but ultimately the kids choose, or does the wand choose them?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Leave me a comment below if you liked this post or if it inspired you to make some of your own. I would love to here from you. Thanks!

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this project! Thank your for reading my ramblings.

Leave a comment below about what you liked or are looking forward to
see in the video… I will try to answer your questions in the video or
show you what you wanted to see.

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