It was a HEL-met of a CAKE!

I honestly have not been crafting much in the way of working with paper and books like I usually have been this year. I ended the year with some painting in my master bed and bath that once the faux finish and flooring are done I will post photos of later.

Today I am going to share with you my first post of the new year and though it’s not scrapbooking related it is one of my favorite things to do … decorate specialty cakes!

I am admitting I don’t like fondant and most of my friends/customers don’t either so I use butter cream and modeling chocolate for most of my works.

Here is a photo of my newest confection, the Auburn Helmet! This was made for a friend of mine who just loves Auburn. He loved it.

PS. I made my goal and posted over 52 posts last year. New Years resolution for 2011… check! Let’s see… the Grace’s scrap attic blog 2012 resolution…. 104 posts! Think I can do it? I hope so! See you later ladies and gents.

Happy belated New Year and Merry Christmas!


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