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Challenge #13 – Stickers/rub-ons/bling

If it has a paper backing and requires you to peel & stick or rub it on it is time to clean it up and organize it.

I seriously have stickers from … 15 years ago… I NEED TO PURGE. Please feel free to join me with this one.

Stickers/rub-ons/ bling – only have one storage issue. THEY MUST BE
STORED FLAT. If you choose vertical storage or horizontal these are
items that can not be bent. It usually is easier to keep them stored in
the original package too. Just for safe keeping, to make sure nothing
begins to peel off an image you may need later while it is jumbled
around without the protective packaging.

You will be needing to decide how to sort them…

Stickers/Rub-ons – Themes is probably best. One sheet of stickers
usually does not have just one color. But one sheet usually has just one
theme on it.

Bling – This could be sorted by color, size or shapes/styles what ever
you search for fist. There are the individual bling dots (for lack of a
better term) the flourishes and the shapes like stars, flowers, etc. and
the Alphas and letters.

Storage Options:

Clip it up options:

Bulletin Board with page protectors: id=232050…

Binder with page protectors:
Stickers Storage By Glad2scrap0802 id=215184… id=139900…

Magazine, paper, stencil and sticker storage. By Shirleyanne4557

Not quite a clip it up but a space saver:
sticker holder By Joelle M

Vertical paper holders: id=186212…

In a drawer (be very careful with this don’t let them slide around brace
it from the back of your stash to prevent them from laying down so they
don’t get mixed up and start peeling the stickers… messy) id=177087…

Files: id=221262… id=217984… id=374119… id=391763…

Portable file: id=124336…

Alpha Sticker and Rubon Storage By ReadySetDistress

Honestly there is not many options in this gallery besides the clip it
up… tons of people like this concept so it must work. Try it you might
like it. But there are still several options to the clip it up.
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