Before photo of scratched, dented dresser missing a knob and refinished photo of it in black with white and teal racing stripe

Boy oh Boy! Baby’s Nursery gains Unique Refurbished Dresser Flip

My client’s baby’s nursery gains a unique refurbished dresser flip. Have you ever had that piece of furniture sitting in the back of your closet because it was ugly and you knew it could grace a space beautifully if just given the love an attention it needed? Two years… this piece sat in my closet! I posted it up on my Facebook page as a “project piece” for you to have me customize for you. A customer sagged it up for the size was just what she was looking for for her expected bundle of joy.

Designing Process

Once she selected this piece we went through the designing process. She shared with me the colors she had chosen for the space and the style she was looking for. “Racing Stripes”. We talked a lot about handles and hardware. She had an geometric elephant theme and wow we nailed it with the hardware on the top drawer. All along discussing pricing and upgrades. For example she opted to only have the specialized handles on the top drawer to save a little money and design wise that makes them even more special.

Baby’s Nursery gains Unique Refurbished Dresser Flip

I was so thrilled that she entrusted me to refinish this customized dresser for such a special occasion as her son’s nursery. When a client comes to me an asks me to create something specific and uniquely that they can’t just buy in the store that means they trust me to provide something show stopping with a quality finish.

Look at these crisp clean lines and the colors she choose just make this piece pop! I can’t tell you how much I love this piece. The joy and excitement my client had going through the design process and then picking up her piece was fantastic motivation for me to also enjoy the entire process from my end. The dresser securing devise was suggested off of Amazon for her to attach this piece to the wall so it would be safe for her son to play around for years to come.

Even down to the last details of painting the side drawers in the teal was filling in the cake. Hidden to most but adding value to the actual daily user. Detail like this bring value to you pieces and makes the client feel like they are working with a professional who cares about them and the things they didn’t even know they cared about too.

Thank you for joining me through this fun and quick post if you need the item from Amazon to secure any of your dressers in your kids rooms to the walls please create a safe environment and order it today!