Buttons, Glue and it fixes up like new

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share with you a quick project you can do in about 20 min with your trusty Helmar Premium Craft Glue (very fast drying), Buttons Galore & More buttons and a head band.
Buttons are so adorable and they are decoratively adorning projects
everywhere these days from home decor to paper scrapbook pages, from
Christmas Ornaments to Jewelry. Buttons are fun easy and a great way to
add some color and texture to a project or item.
Today I had a cute metallic leather headband that my dog got a hold
of and scratched the top of it. At first I thought RUINED! As I headed
for the trash I realized I didn’t need to toss this great hair
accessory. So I pulled out my hand and trusty Helmar Premium Craft Glue and my tin of coordinating buttons from Buttons Galore & More and went to town!

Buttons galore head band supplies
Now this headband once doomed for the landfill is fixed, and even cuter than before!

Buttons galore head band
What do you think? Buttons Galore & More has some great buttons in so many colors. They are a perfect match and so easy to apply with some Helmar Premium Craft Glue!
Leave a comment below and let me know.
Have a Happy Helmar Day!
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