Grab your Free "Mixing the Perfect Color Cards" and Get Ready to Refinish!

Don't take my word for it...

"Grace did a home painting party with my guests and I. We loved it! I learned so much that I ended up starting my own small business. The class taught the basics and other techniques and it was a lot of fun. Grace is very talented and a wonderful teacher."
Tiffany L.

As a lifetime artist and educated Interior Designer I am always looking to create something. As a military spouse and mother of two teens, I don’t always have the funds to buy new. Now that COVID has hit and new furniture is taking over 6 months to arrive, who has time for that? Does all this sound a bit familiar to you?

I created this guide for people just like you. People with that Yard Sale Project Piece sitting in the garage collecting dust. That furniture piece needs to be gracing your home with it’s unique beauty and color. That won’t happen if you don’t take action! So here are the tools you need! Grab this FREE Download and gather those tools to get started! You can do it!

~Grace Lauer

Grace holding a paint brush in front of her left eye with a knowledgeable grin on her face