Henna Body Art

No mater who you are if you have thought of having a temporary design on your skin then Henna is right for you!
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Columbia, SC area!

My Henna Paste:
All my henna paste is hand made by myself right in my own home. All my ingredients are all natural and most of them are organic. Natural Henna provides a red-brown stain on the skin and lasts 1-3 weeks depending on skin types and how you care for your henna afterwards.

For a deep dark stain:

Keep It On, Keep It Dry & Keep It Warm!

Henna After Care: 

  1. Seal henna paste with a mixture of lemon/sugar syrup. If you can, spry it on with a small spray bottle, if you can’t, gently dab it on with a cotton ball. Do not rub, blot it on.
  2. Leave the henna paste on your skin as long as 12 hrs if possible, 4 hrs minimum,  to allow the stain to retain it’s color and intensity for the longest possible amount time. If you are wanting to keep the paste on over night. Wrap the henna spot in toilet paper to protect your sheets (breathable medical tape works too) to keep it safe and in an environment to promote dark staining.
  3. Let the henna paste flake off when it is ready. If you must take it off prior to it falling off on it’s own do not use water, use coconut or olive oil.
  4. Try  not to wash the hennaed area within 12-24 hrs after removing paste.
  5. Avoid soaking or swimming during the duration of your stain.


Warning Against Black Henna!
There is no such thing as Black “Henna”. All henna is naturally red-brown. Paste called “Black Henna” can be highly allergic to a high percentage of people, due to being made with chemicals such as PPD (para-phenylenediamine). BE CAUTIOUS, if you come in contact with a henna artist claiming they have Black or Blue Henna. To learn more about this please click on this link… BLACK HENNA info from www.hennapage.com