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Welcome to the Reuse, Recycle, & Ribbon Blog Hop! All of us bloggers were brought together by and their wonderful products.

So lets get hopping!!!! I am the third stop on the list and you should have come from here… Mandie at Mandie’s Scrappin’. After you check out my Reuse, Recycle, and Ribbon project you will see the next blog at the bottom.

GIVE AWAY! – I will have one winner randomly chosen from the comments on my left on this post. You must comment anytime on Friday until 11:59 pm PST to be eligible to win and you must also fallow my blog so we can keep in touch! You will receive a Holiday Scrapbooking RAK from me including some of the wonderful unique Cream City Ribbon and some beautiful DCWV Holiday Collection Papers! Doesn’t that sound great?

My hubby would say that is a bad thing… but then again he has the Beastie boys song “She’s Craft” as my ring ton on his phone and he always does the shifty eyes when he talks with someone about my creativeness. LOL.

Here is an item I made for the Michales Holiday Magic Contest on their FB page. I love Michaels and all the wonderful things I find in there… so here is a bit of a tutorial also.

1 – book (preferably paper back and one you wont read again) with aged pages
2 – small branches from a tree
3 – yards (give or take depending on the size of the next item) of yarn
1 – large 12″ letter, number or symbol… either chipboard, cardboard or foam core
1 – wire or straw wreath base (if using straw you will need a piece of fabric to wrap around it till it is covered)
1 – hot glue gun and glue
1 – sheet of printable transparency
3 – clear ornaments
3-4 – public domain images from the internet
3 – glittered wire floral curls
1 – yard of Cream City Ribbon
2 – yards or so of gold thread
Brown ink pad
Bronze and Gold Ritzy Ditzy Glitz

STEP 1 – Ink all outer edges of the book pages in brown.
STEP 2 – Rip pages gently from binding and ink remaining last side of pages

STEP 3- Roll all pages need into a cone shape with one corner being the point adhere closed with glue dots.

STEP 4 – If using a straw wreath, wrap it in a light colored fabric strips, securing fabric with hot glue.

STEP 5 – Use hot glue gun to adhere cones to wreath base. Start with back row first finishing with the front row.

STEP 6 – Mist edges of cones with a metallic misting spray and let dry.

STEP 7 – Wrap desired yarn around large chipboard letter and secure it with hot glue.

STEP 8 – Tie yarn into a series of knots to create berries. Hot glue the berries onto the twigs.

STEP 9 – Print desired images onto transparency paper in the correct size to fit into the plastic ornaments. Color if needed, cut out and roll to insert into plastic ornament.

STEP 10 – Glue the Cream City Ribbon under one page cone on the front layer of the wreath. Weave above and under pages all around the wreath, repeat with gold thread if desired. Here you can see the Natural Red Cream City Ribbon doing this.

STEP 11 – Find one blank page in your book, remove it and print your journaling onto the book page. Mist it with your metallic mist and let dry. (See pic for step 7)

STEP 12 – Assembly. Arrange all items to achieve desired look and hot glue into place.

STEP 13 – Cut a piece of yarn 1 1/2 “ft long. Fold in half and knot the two cut edges together. You now should have a loop of yarn. Tie it at the top of your wreath around the straw base. This is how you will hang the wreath, make sure it is not visible when it is on the wall.

If you give it a try you need to know you might need a good movie and some snacks that wont melt in your hands… hehe!

Are you enjoying the hopping so far? What kinda of off the page projects do you like to make?

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Thanks for checking my post out!

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