Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations – Custom Handmade Cards

Well my wonderful readers, it’s that time of year again, my son’s:

Birthday Party Time!!!

The theme this year is: MINECRAFT

Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations (click to enlarge)

In a new state we were able to scale down the amount of invitations to only 20 this year! That is huge for this Mama, who is used to inviting upwards of 40 kids! Can you imagine? I think we even had our Harry Potter party where we allowed siblings to attend as well with almost 50 kids in attendance. YIKES!

After a very chilled out BFF only party last year my son is ready to host a bash again this year. So he choose his theme of Minecraft. If you have a child in you life who likes video games I am sure you know what this is. It reverts back to the old 16-bit graphics and is wildly popular with the gaming crowd. I don’t mind him playing this game because of many reasons but my favorite thing about it is that it uses creativity. My son will sit here and build a home from the bottom up or a roller coaster or something crazy. Yup, the creativity in this game is what sold me on it.

Enough about that lets get on with the 3D Invitations! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations (click to enlarge)
As seen in the image above we used clear 6.5″ square envelopes to hand out these cards. They could be mailed also they fold up so thin! How cool is that? Both the back and front of the card is the TNT graphic.
Minecraft TNT Exterior, card flattens for mailing (click to enlarge)

How does it work? Check out this 2 min video where my son, the birthday boy shows you how it works, push play and watch it in action:

Since these are double sided you can always opt to “unfold” one side relieving the inside of the box a bit more while the card is inside the envelope. But we didn’t do this… thought it would be more fun to have the 3D surprise in the box when they opened it.

Option 2 on flattening the card (click to enlarge)

Once you open the card it unfolds into a box and the side flaps come down revealing the party info and characters like these here: Steve, Enderdragon, Enderman, Slime and a Zombie Pigman.

Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations (click to enlarge)

My son helped me fussy cut out all the characters, we averaged about 100 total. Here are some close ups of the characters inside the box card. The cool thing about this is each card was different. No card had the exact same characters, which left the kids chatting about it after they were handed out. Who got what inside their invitations!

Close up #1: Enderdragon, Villager, Creeper, Blaze and Steve

Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations (click to enlarge)

Close up #2: Enderdragon, Steve, Pig, Cow, Creeper and Ghast

Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations (click to enlarge)

I hope you found this an interesting post. We had tons of fun making these and handing them out. There will be more post to come about the party decor, games and food.

Minecraft 3D Box Birthday Party Invitations (click to enlarge)

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Thank you for viewing my post today. Please leave me a comment below if you like what you see.

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