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EEEEKKKK! If you are reading this you have been invited to an exclusive Beta group for my VIP Furniture Refinishing Academy Community.

You have shown interest in my live classes and in wanting to know more about growing your business. I have so much to share!

This Beta group is a condensed version of a Month Subscription to the VIP FRA Community.

It will have 4 sessions scheduled over 2 weeks. Normally these sessions will be weekly once the group is launched.

  • You will receive 2 group listing review sessions (one a week) where we will review as many listings as we can within the designated time.
  • One creative class talking about techniques, products or how to paint this or that tutorials.
  • One business strategy class talking about important Business building plans of action.

You very well could be assigned homework during any of these to help you practice, learn or grow your business.

These sessions will be available on replay and you will also have access to viewing previous lessons/classes. I do have a few in the group already.

You will also receive 1 full month free of the VIP Community once it launches as a thank you for your time to review and give feedback during the Beta period.

DATES: June 6th – June 17th

PRICE: That all being said. I want you to be dedicated to this beta classes and so what is normally going to run $24.97 a month, I am offering to you for $15 this will make sure you have “skin in the game” just a little guarantee for me that you will have the dedication I need since this is such a small group for feedback every opinion matters.

You will basically get 2 months of classes and Group Listing Reviews for that price!!!! Plus I have a special thank you gift just for you few!


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