ZigaForm version 5.3.5

Update Procrastination!


  1. Take Photo’s of my Daughter done and done
  2. Put design down on paper and do any research needed
  3. Create Design Model
  4. Assemble
    • Cut out boarders
    • Print vellum inserts
    • Assemble the frame onto the vellum
    • Emboss design
    • Add embellishments
    • Insert Photos
    • Add Yearly CD slide show
  5. Accent Envelope
  6. Print Addresses on envelope
  7. Stuff Cards and seal
  8. Add postage and mail

Okay I have done some baking today and still got some of this done. Of course I got inspired late last night at about 8:30 … ya know with only 30 min before Michael’s closed. So I hit them up for 10 min and then went to my least favorite place to shop especially for creative scrapbooking stuff. I still supirseingly found some things and came home by 10pm and went to work designing the Model. Got that done early this morning. Now to just assemble 28 of them … or more as the list seems to grow every day from my hubbys work. Blah, This will have to continue on Fri… lol. I have goodies to bake!

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