Update Procrastination!


  1. Take Photo’s of my Daughter done and done
  2. Put design down on paper and do any research needed
  3. Create Design Model
  4. Assemble
    • Cut out boarders
    • Print vellum inserts
    • Assemble the frame onto the vellum
    • Emboss design
    • Add embellishments
    • Insert Photos
    • Add Yearly CD slide show
  5. Accent Envelope
  6. Print Addresses on envelope
  7. Stuff Cards and seal
  8. Add postage and mail

Okay I have done some baking today and still got some of this done. Of course I got inspired late last night at about 8:30 … ya know with only 30 min before Michael’s closed. So I hit them up for 10 min and then went to my least favorite place to shop especially for creative scrapbooking stuff. I still supirseingly found some things and came home by 10pm and went to work designing the Model. Got that done early this morning. Now to just assemble 28 of them … or more as the list seems to grow every day from my hubbys work. Blah, This will have to continue on Fri… lol. I have goodies to bake!