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This Exclusive and intimate group, the Furniture Refinishing Academy for entrepreneurs ready to level up their creative techniques, learn how to sell online in their local market, build their Business Strategies and Connections and learn from industry specialists. 

This group is hosted on Facebook, will be filled with other like minded, growth motivated entrepreneurs like yourself. This group is designed to expand your knowledge and challenge you to apply it and grow your business.

 It will include weekly sessions you won’t want to miss!

  • Improve your business strategies allowing you to achieve your business goals!  
  • Cultivate Your Creativity Creative – These monthly workshops will help you gain knowledge and skills to improve your techniques, craftsmanship and quality. Workshops will be LIVE with me, Furniture Refinishing Artist Grace Lauer.
  • Group LISTING Reviews –  As a Community we will share with one another our sales listings and review them twice a month. These sessions are structured for us all to learn with the examples shown and shared.
  • For about than $7 a week you can enjoy, learn and boost your business! Seriously…. that’s the cost of a coffee these days!
  • You will receive discounted VIP pricing on most Uniquely Grace Digital Products!

This group is to focus on building your business and brand. Learn how to sell online through various marketplaces and how to improve your painting techniques and styles. Joining this group will give you full access to all previously recorded lessons and speakers while you are a current member. Daily connection with myself and each other like minded furniture artists like yourself.

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Join today to Flip your Flipping Business into Profits! 

Value of this program: $427 a month or $5,124+ a year!

Keep Reading! This is not what I am asking for this program. I want it to be affordable!
(+Each month the Replay Library Grows and the value of this Program grows with it)
  • Group Listing Reviews – $50 each session (x2)
  • Creative Workshop – $150 – $200 
  • Business Building Class – $100
  • BONUS #1 – Best Selling Strategies For Online Marketplaces – $27
  • OTHER Bonuses will be included also – Business Trackers, Worksheets, PDF Printouts and more depending on the topic being taught. (value not included)
  • The Annual Value goes up as the REPLAY LIBRARY grows monthly

This program is valued at $427 a month!

 As the program grows the value will too! Grow with me and you can get in at this low rate!!!

What kind of transformation are you looking for in your business? Is it worth the price of 1 fancy coffee a week to be able to be exposed to a community that will speed up your success rate?

  • Monthly Rate: $29.97
  • Total Annual Cost: $359.64

With this option you will receive a monthly membership that will continue as long as you need it! Cancel at anytime. Membership begins in immediately! 

You will have access to all past monthly sessions in replays.

Total cost per week $6.92 – about the price of a fancy coffee! I promise these topics and community support will keep you energized about your business!

SAVE $397.03 a month

with this option the cost per month of $29.97!

Valued at over $5,124+ a year!

Today if you are one of the first people to invest in yourself you will get it for $299.70! 

Lucky you, you will not see this program at this low, LOW price again! You will gain the knowledge you need to FAST TRACK your business faster than your competition?

  • Monthly Savings: $4.39
  • Annual Rate: $298.97 (Save $60.67 a year)

With this option you will receive an entire year membership! This membership will renew automatically each year till you cancel.  Membership begins in immediately.

You will have access to all past monthly sessions in replays.

Total cost per week $5.75! That is lower than a gallon of Gas in California and you don’t even need to go anywhere to learn from these online sessions!

SAVE $4,825 a yearly!

with this option the cost per year is $298.97

I am so confidant that if you join and participate in our events and apply the lessons and knowledge shared, you will be successful refinishing your piece with a quality finish!

If something goes wrong, email me and let me know so we can fix it!

If I can not help you figure out what went wrong,  I will fully refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. 

Remember, You Got This…and I Got You, Let’s Do this TOGETHER!

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