This Layout or project has been published in Scrapbook News & Review. If you wish to see it please click on the “Out for Publication” image below. Thank you! ~ Grace ~USAF Basic Training Graduation with the family. These are pics of me and my soon to be hubby (at the time). My mom and

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Fly Boy

These are pics of my son when he was two years old. We took them at home … well my mom did. She is such a great photographer. She has so much potential. If any of you live in Colorado and would like to contact her please let me know. Anyway. This was created in

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Windsome Eyes

Happy New year! I am going to as of this date, and my first Layout of 2009, upload all of these to my blog as well as the descriptions.This is my beautiful darling daughter on a wonderful day out on the lake. She loves the camera and was posing for me while we were out

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