A New Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life

Welcome readers,

Ah my little Cinderella. These pictures were taken on her 4th birthday.
She received a Cinderella princess dress from us that morning. She was
so excited to get it she had to ware it all day. My mother was here in
town and spent a day out with each of my children separately. My mother
took them both to Build – A – Bear workshop. After choosing her cuddly pink teddy bear, Trinity had to pick the Cinderella Dress to match her own.

Of course
she also had to have the glass slippers for the bear because as we all
know… “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your
life.” This was created for the Quote of the month challenge and the
heat embossing for Jan.

The shoes behind this
quote are the glass slippers for the bear. Thought that was cute. And
the Cinderella coach… *brags-a-bit* Made it MYSELF… hehe… sorry
but I am soooo excited that it turned out so well.

The journaling reads around the yellow boarder in a pale pink so it is hard to see in this shot:
12, 2009 Trinity’s 4th birthday ~ MeMaw took her to build a bear
workshop. Trinity picked out the pink Teddy bear. Once the bear was
filled with love she chose the Cinderella outfit to match her own. Of
course no outfit is complete without a new pair of shoes. After dressing
the bear we filled out her birth certificate and Bell Bear was adopted
into our family. We all had such a wonderful day.

New technique: paper rolling – I used this around the edge of the boarder.

Cinderella’s Coach finished on the print out from the comp I used as a pattern.

The coach pumpkin including the door is 5 piece of Cinderella Blue CS – 3 pieces of pixie dust vellum – two pieces of white CS – 7 pieces of gold CS – a 4″ clip of pink lace.

The Undercarriage – is 8 pieces of Cinderella blue CS

I heat embossed the C on the door and the iridescent sparkles on the undercarriage.

Stickles – The lamp on the top and the side of the door were stickled, as well as the silver on the bottom of the pumpkin and the foot stool.

I used the Zig Painty gold and silver marker to outline each piece of the coach and to draw each of the eight pieces of the thin undercarriage before embossing it.

Thanks for enjoying this with me!

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