Furniture Pricing Calculator Solves Refinishers Most Frequently Asked Question

I am so excited that this furniture pricing calculator is finally done! I have been working on a way to allow you to have access to this anytime! Now, it’s ready and available!

In Facebook groups people are always asking…

 “What should I price this piece at?”

I always share my somewhat complex equation with people on how I price my refinished pieces. It’s complex because every piece can have it’s own variables. Now you can access and calculate it quite easily!

I have taken years to develop this equation to a price point I like and feel my work is valued at! The beauty of this  furniture pricing calculator is that it is flexible for all stages of refinishers. It will price for “Beginners” as well as for “Professionals”. The variant that allows this is your “hourly rate”.

HOURLY RATE: This is where you can vary your fee depending on your experience and knowledge. Beginners might make $15-20 an hour, more advanced pros may aim for $50+, most of you can’t even imagine making $50+ an hour… I know I could not either! Know your worth and always grow. 

Every market is different but that doesn’t mean you need to devalue your work to “fit the market”. Stand out! Create the new standard, be incomparable to your competition. A class of ONE!

DESIGNER DIY (available end of December 2021) – Work the framework from the my online course… it will help you create unique and intentional designs that will be more appealing to customers, set you above your competition and help you sell at a at a price point that values your work. 

This is my personally developed,   “Professional Pricing Tool” and it’s one of a kind! This furniture pricing calculator does include a buffer of 30% to allow for consignment fees and or price haggling and sales if you allow that. It includes a 20% buffer for gas, electricity, tools and all the “extras” we never build into our prices. Now it’s all there!

LOWEST PRICE: It is always good to know what your lowest price is that you are comfortable selling at. Never go below that price! Start higher with this furniture pricing calculator if you want to allow negotiations or consignment fees. If not just subtract 30% from this calculator and NEVER WAVER ON PRICE AGAIN!

My personal believe is… What you price your piece at a consignment shop is what you should sell your piece for outside of a consignment shop or even online. This way your have pricing integrity! I also do not haggle or put items on sale often.

Your Lowest Price should NEVER EVER be lower than the hourly  earning your deserve!

This furniture pricing calculator  was created to share my pricing equation with everyone in the industry. There is no reason why we should not work together to earn a livable wage working a trade.

This is just the beginning of you knowing your self worth and the value you create with your quality refinished pieces.

EVERY PIECE HAS A BUYER: If you need to get rid of it for the space see if you can find a charity you can donate to that will promote your business. Like a local school or club auction. You need to hold steady with prices and know what your worth and accept nothing less!

Donating to a charity is “marketing” and part of doing business, document it as such. It’s not always ideal but if you hold yourself to a higher standard others will to. It helps a good cause, creates buzz about your business and keeps your pricing structure intact, holding together with integrity. 

I am excited to share with you all this valuable tool and hope that it will better our industry and community.

 this page with other furniture refinishing artist! Spread the love and make this community stronger!