Mixing Custom Chalk Paint Navy Blue Color

Navy Chalk Paint created for Farmhouse pumpkins. Yes, I know it’s not furniture but I am going to use what I have on hand to create adorable farmhouse pumpkins with this color.

There once was a woman with a dream… a dream to add some color to her farmhouse style fall décor. She picked up some dark navy, copper, cream and white mini pumpkins at Hobby Lobby (see shopping trip in my FALL SHOPPING HAUL (video link).) She has an idea… a light bulb of painting genius in her mind… she came home and mixed this paint color to make her seasonal décor dreams come true. That woman… she was me… is me and I am so happy I did. Do you have ideas like that?

The Navy and white/creams were to much of a stark modern contrast. I want a more farmhouse look this fall so I need to make these pumpkins a bit more rustic and natural… but I love the colors. The navy and copper add an elegance to the overall look, just a bit to formal and modern.

So off to the painting studio I went and created a color that will lighten and make these navy pumpkins fit perfectly into the farmhouse look I am going for.

Navy Blue hand mixed paint color with shades of blue of different recipes.

Color psychology of Navy Blue:

When adding blues to your design and décor you as a since of comfort and peace. Blues allow people to relax and feel a wave a tranquility, calmness and serenity about them in the space.

The University of Maryland did a study in regards to peoples favorite colors. Blue was hands down the favorite color of both females at 29% and males and 42%. Quite popular, in my home alone, 50% of my family has blue as their favorite color.

Who is designing with Navy Blue this year?

Among the bold colors that will be trending in 2021, the most popular will be the darker green and blue navy color, proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.


TrendBook has Navy Blue as the #1 2021 design trend color. Here is what they are saying…

A darker blue color will be the 2021 trend. The new black proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.


I know many furniture refinishers are excited to get out of painting pieces white and most of their navy items sell well and sell fast. This item sold for me in less than 12 hours.

Before and After images of the refinishing process for this Thomasville Dresser .

Physical impact Navy Blue can make

Navy is super hot in furniture refinishing as well. Blue is a color that can have a physical impact on your body. It can lower your blood pressure and relax you, releasing stress. With all the craziness in this world it is no wonder why blue is a poplar color for 2020 and 2021 during a global pandemic.

Custom Chalk Paint Navy Blue Recipe/Formula

Yield: Shades of Navy

Mixing Custom Chalk Paint Navy Blue Color

Mixing Custom Chalk Paint Navy Blue Color

I call this one Not quite Navy as it was created to compliment the Navy tones in the fall pumpkins I purchased.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Navy Chalk Paint
  • White/Cream Chalk Paint
  • Black Chalk Paint


  1. In ziplock bag Begin with 3 parts Navy Blue
  2. add 6 parts white
  3. add 1 part black

Mix well and test sample.

I in Love with this Custom Chalk Paint color!

I just love how this color turned out and I am excited to get started using it on my navy pumpkins and working in that Farmhouse feel with the rustic look for fall. What do you think of this color? Are you getting confidant in possibly color mixing for yourself? What would you need from me to help you take that leap and try to mix your own color?

Keep and eye out next week for the post about how I painted the pumpkins…. come back to see how they turned out!

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