5 Reasons to Mix Unique Custom Paint Colors to refinish furniture – Bone White

Such a lovely color, today we are talking all things Custom Mixing Mastery in Bone White! Custom paint colors are always desirable as they will make your furniture unique and stand out. Later in this post I will discuss with you the benefits of custom paint colors. Mixing your own colors can mean you can create a color palette for your project allowing the colors to truly flow with your unique style and design flare.

Creating your own colors from paints you already have is not only cost effective but time saving. I will be going over 5 benefits to custom paint mixing furniture down this post.

A great classic neutral like Bone White is a fantastic color to have in your armory for when you need a great neutral. It is a warmer tone with hints of grey and cream so it goes with about everything!

Why did I put Lavender in my bone white mix?

Bone white is a neutral color that includes hints of yellow and some grayish green undertones. If you add green to yellow you just get a brighter yellow-green… but if you add cooler tones like blue or purple it begins to gain that greenish undertone since yellow and blue make green. Adding Purple though, That begins to neutralize the yellow making more of a greyish hue. This is because yellow and purple are opposite on the color wheel and “complimentary” colors.

What Colors go with Bone White?

Using a neutral for your furniture is a great way to ensure it goes with any colors you may currently have or have in the future. If you sell furniture usually neutrals also sell better then bold and bright colors. As a neutral, this color is a great alternative to just white, it can warm up a room better than grey and go with so many different design styles including: Farmhouse, French country, Boho, Southwest, coastal and even Mid Century Modern if it is painted in a crisp and clean finish. It is capable of ranging from a historical color to a modern one.

Colourlovers.com is a great recourse if you are trying to find color schemes containing one particular color. Here is a particularly sweet and fun color scheme that leans more Boho design.

How am I going to use this color?

This color will be painted as a base color to a set of living room end tables I am prepping to refinish. I am going to go dramatic with this one and stain the tops black with some sunflower transferrers. I am excited to share this vision with you once it is completed. Pairing this soft neutral with a black stain is bold and trust me these pieces will stand out in a room and make great conversations. This will show how versatile this custom paint color is that I mixed. Though it is a sweet and subtle color it doesn’t have to be use as such.

I will updated this post when they are ready to be shared.

Are you a hands on learner? Mix with me while watching my custom paint colors mixing videos!

I personally do much better hands on and visual than any other type of learning. So here is one easy way to learn how to mix custom paint colors. I have prepared a video for you!

What Design sites are talking about Bone White?

“Texture and bone white are great independently, but when the two are put together, something really magical happens. A look is created that is both classic and rustic.”


 “…bone is a neutral that exudes sophistication. … It’s also a great option for foundational furniture pieces …(and)… accessories in bone, such a coffee table book, blanket or vases work well against other neutrals such as stark white and gray.”


“Also known as Bone White… Pairing flawlessly with deeper hues, elegant bone white is a versatile neutral with a touch of yellow.”


5 Reasons Why You Should Mix Your Own Custom Paint Colors!

I have a few reasons I tend to mix my own custom paint colors. Custom paint colors are a great way to save time and money. They will set you apart from your average furniture artist in the refinishing world and usually WOW your friends, family and clients. So here are all the benefits I love to enjoy about this technique:

  1. Saving You Money!
    When you need a specific color the first instinct is to research what brands have that color available. You will either have to pay more than you usually do or sacrifice quality by buying a lesser product to get that desired color. Either way you also have to buy more paint than you have already. Using supplies from what you already have is a great way to use up your stash before it goes bad or dries up and keeps you from dishing out the dough!
  2. Saving You Time!
    Researching a color mix recipe is way quicker than trying to track down the perfect color premade. Not to mention the time it will take you to drive out to that one boutique in your city that caries that particular brand… IF they have the color in stock. On the other hand if you have to order and have the color shipped to you, you save shipping time and the possibility of a busted paint jar… Trust me that has happened to me more than once, packages never seemed to be delivered with care anymore.
  3. Customization!
    Oh my gosh this one is awesome! When mixing your own custom paint colors you can tweak the shade, lighter or darker, to match your desired tone, hue or tint and truly get a match to your décor the way you want it. Not how the color looked on a computer screen when you ordered it verses on your piece. Did you know you can calibrate your computer screens to show color better. Yeah! That helps but still not the same as seeing the color in person.
  4. WOWing your Peers!
    Okay so this one is defiantly an ego booster. When mixing your own custom paint colors you can easily impress anyone. Clients will love that their color was custom mixed by the furniture refinishing artist. Friends and Family will be impressed on how well it fits into your own home if you are keeping that project for yourself. Understanding color theory and it’s use is a foreign concept to most people so anyone they know who can do that usually gains some points in their eyes.
  5. Blending and Coordinating
    When needing a color to blend or coordinate with your base color of choice mixing some white or a little bit of black into your original color will create a different shade, this shade will coordinate and blend with the original one when executing the blending technique on your piece of furniture. Even painting the trim or details with a different shade made from the original makes a great impact! Finding that second shade is easy peasy when you mix it from the original color.

Do you learn better printing things out and staying organized?

I have thought of you too. Here is a printable recipe/formula card specifically for this custom paint color of bone white. But keep scrolling because I also have the fantastic “Mixing the Perfect Color” cards that are printable and ready for your use.

Yield: Classic Bone White

Classic Bone White -Unique Color Mixing Mastery

Classic Bone White -Unique Color Mixing Mastery

This classic color is very versatile in it's use. It will warm up any room and is perfect when adding layers of neutral shades to your space.

This is color has warm yellow undertones and lavender mixed in to add a greyish hue.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty easy



  1. Begin with 48 parts Snowfall (White)
  2. Add in 1 part Daffodil (Yellow)
  3. Add in 1 part Lavender

Mix well, add in more white if you desire a lighter color. Store in air tight container with as little air as possible inside. Do not dip your paint brush directly into your paint, always poor your paint onto a plate or pallet to avoid contaminating your paint with mold or bacteria while storing.


Follow this Recipe exactly or play with lighter shades. Start with this mix and have some fun! Use the "Mixing the Perfect Color" card printable. You can find it here...

Mixing the Perfect Color Card Printable

Mixing the Perfect Color Card – FREE download!

After mixing many colors on scraps of junk mail… though it was a great use to upcycle. I found it hard to organize and I had to wait for the paint to dry before writing down the recipe on the color. I designed this card I find extremely handy. Make sure you grab your copy of this card!

I hope you have enjoyed this Custom Paint Colors post!

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope this one was helpful and this Bone White mix inspired you to create a piece of furniture or choose it as a great wall color for your space. Please leave a comment to let me know what color you would like to see me mix next… or perhaps you want to share with me some bone white items or pieces you have refinished. I would love to see them!

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