Lighting for Furniture Refinishing – Supply List

Lighting for Furniture Refinishing – Supply List


Ever wonder what Lighting for Furniture Refinishing works best? Here a list of recommended lighting items you can find on Amazon for easy shopping. This list contains Affiliate Links. 

These are items that I personally own or have on my wish list but with fantastic reviews. This list was created for a class I taught in my online community the Furniture Refinishing Academy. The class is a basic overview of how to improve your photography and lighting through DIY-Dollar Tree hacks as well as these wonderful product I mostly use on Amazon.

* I just purchased this one to learn umbrella lighting for the class and so far I am digging it!

*I have owned a set of these for 7 years. I am just now replacing 1 light bulb. They last a long time and I love this set!

* I love this one and use it most often. It is mainly used for videos but because it is a large 18″ light it can also help with lighting a smaller piece of furniture. 

*I have this item It is great to not only use for zoom calls but as a hand held light for detail shots of my furniture pieces. 

* I have this item and love it

*** This one is on my wish List!