Blending Technique for Furniture Painting – Supply List

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Blending Technique Supply List post!

Furniture Blending Techniques are such a fun way to add color to your pieces. Learning to master this technique takes practice but it is much easier when you have a complete supply list and the right tools ready from the start.

This post is for my VIP Members Blending Technique Class… not a member? That is okay, this supply list will help you with your blending journey on your furniture so keep reading!

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SUPPLIES: (affiliate links for Amazon are included when applicable)

  • 3 Colors of Chalk Paint/furniture paint
  • Water Containers for each color to clean brushes, Mason Jars work well and can easily be cleaned.
  • Paint Pallets (or cat dishes from the Dollar Tree), one per color (paper plates are not recommended, it soaks the moisture from the paint). If you don’t have access to the cat dishes from the Dollar Tree here you can buy in bulk on Amazon. You need 3 anyway and these are great to have on hand for all your painting projects.


  • 3 Furniture painting Brushes to apply the paint (1 per color)


  • Blending Brushes for this Blending Technique:


  • Mister Bottle: Continuous Spray Bottle


  • Microfiber cloth: (I used my coverall pant leg… LOL) I do buy mine at the dollar tree and I only buy the white, other colors the dye will rub off. The key here is Lint Free! 

  • Lye Soap for cleaning your brushes! This soap is great for not only easy cleaning but it conditions your bristles also. (this is my family’s farm) 

A picture of two fragrance free creamy bars of soap from Country Bubbles. They are on a dish with a daisy.

Offering finishes like this will not only make your pieces more desirable to the higher end customer but it will allow you to price your pieces above the average furniture flipper in your area putting you in a class of one, catering to higher end clients and making you more profit.

Hope these supplies work for you as well as they work for me!

This post contains sponsored and/or affiliate links from Amazon and Country Bubbles. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interests at heart.

You got this and I got you!