Lovely Transformation from Broken to Beautiful

Do you ever have and unexpected moment when you realize your work is a metaphor for your own life? This Transformation from broken to beautiful post is that moment for me. We all have things that are broken in our lives. I believe that is why I feel so connected to pieces that need repair. This piece I acquired from someone who had already begun the prepping process. You could see it’s potential however it had a broken wooden drawer guide. For reasons unknown to me this piece lost it’s value in it’s current owners eyes.

Broken but Still Valuable

How many times do we create self doubt and loose track of our own value in the lives of others? I know I do it. Recently, I have been working on my personal brand, who am I and what I have to offer others. There is a huge value in nailing that down. Knowing you can transform from a broken, self doubting, wallflower into the true person you are meant to be. I have to remind myself daily not to focus on the negative but look at the positive. This dresser was broken but it only needed some simple guides and stoppers. Now it is a sweet and lovely dresser ready for any space it’s new owner will want to put it into. It will fit into a Boho entryway, a light and airy guest room or a baby’s room.

Where to Find the Value

First and foremost I believe nearly everything has value! If it doesn’t have value in it’s current state it can have value repurposed. What about a chair with a broken back that can’t be repaired to be strong? What if the legs and seat were repurposed with another chair into a bench? Or a headboard into a porch swing?

We find value when you appreciate the attributes in things and people that are good. This dresser had beautiful solid wood drawer fronts and top and some strong “good bones” (by the way one of my favorite HGTV shows). For me personally I am discovering that my words have value. My education and experience has value and so does my personality. Share with me in the comments what attributes you have that are valuable to yourself and others!

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Transformation from Broken to Beautiful

I know your with me on this one sometimes things need to be stripped down before it can be rebuilt. Once the repairs were completed from inside to out and the old worn out finish was completely stripped away I could then see the vision for this piece. Beautiful light maple wood just screaming to shine through. I began the bleaching techniques on the raw wood. Soaking the wood with the bleach mixture and letting it sit in the hot Texas sun all day. Neutralizing it with vinegar water when I had the desired lightness. I then sealed it with a mix of 5 parts Sheer and 1 part White Dove Liquid Wax from Terra Bella Paints and Finishes.

Color and Style create Emotional Value

This beat up beauty now shines with an Ombre painted finish. This transformation from broken to beautiful included a plan of action to create this basic foundation piece. Think of paint as a fabulous dress, one that fits right in every way. Stunning color to compliment your skin tone and the style that has everyone looking at you when you walk into that room. Dressers are always in demand and this one is no exception with it Ombre of a light sage color to Fresh Cream. Each of my pieces are meticulously planned out in great detail. I create a vision and a plan before I ever add any paint. This one needed a paint finish to accent the bleached maple wood.

Sage green is a subdued and serene color bringing a relaxing feeling to the space this piece will inhabit. Therefore, the sage paired with the Fresh Cream and bleached wood brightens the mood to a peaceful, light and airy style.

The Details are the Icing on the Cake

Another way you can add value to the piece is in the details. Just like when we evaluate our own lives. The things that us happy are the little things. The bits and pieces that are thoughtful and planned out. The details is where your piece comes alive. It’s the icing on the cake or the perfect piece of jewelry that allows you to sparkle with that outstanding gown. Details can be added anywhere the user will be looking when using this space. I love to feel pretty, to on occasion, put my hair up and be intentional with the way I look in every detail. Do you do that for yourself sometimes? Imagine if every piece of furniture you intentionally refinished in a way that left you feeling the same way about it that you felt in that glamorous outfit.

This piece I chose to line the drawers with a lovely vinyl shiplap wallpaper for a clean and relevant design detail. This is a casual pattern of wall paper that suits the style and mood of the overall piece, it adds a detailed element that is unexpected and surprising when the customer opens a drawer.

Even on a piece like this that contains simple lines unexpected details can be purposefully placed like this simple change in hardware. Not only did I swap from knobs to pulls but these wooden pulls are painted in coordinating colors to draw the Ombre shades across the front from side to side. They are all in variegating shades of Sage and Fresh Cream from top to bottom.

Lovely Transformation from broken to beautiful

Final Thoughts on this Transformation from Broken to Beautiful

So now I understand my personal connection with these pieces. How why they speak to me on several levels and exactly who it is so darn hard for me to let them go to their new homes. LOL!

This piece has all it’s drawers aligned, it’s tired finish stripped away for a beautiful new one. It has fitting new pulls that compliment it’s very simple and clean lines and it is ready for a new life in a beautiful new home.

Thank you so much for joining me thought this discovery. How do you view refinishing or designing a new piece? I would love to know others do it. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

With love and bit of paint,

L. Grace Lauer